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IAENG welcome all the engineering professionals to join us. There will be no membership fee in according with our objective to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas freely. 

There are three types of memberships: IAENG Member, IAENG Senior Member and IAENG Fellow.

IAENG Members

Engineers, university students and postgraduate researchers can join IAENG as IAENG Members (Member, IAENG). IAENG Members can receive IAENG News and view all the IAENG journal and conference publications freely.

Experienced engineers at the managerial level, professors and lecturers, and research scientists are welcome to join IAENG as IAENG Members first. Then, from time to time, our IAENG Societies co-chairs and the IAENG editorial board members make recommendation for inviting our qualified IAENG Members to become the IAENG Senior Members.

IAENG Senior Members

The grade of IAENG Senior Member (Senior Member, IAENG) is conferred by invitation of the IAENG Societies and the IAENG editorial board. For transferring to the grade of IAENG Senior Member, it requires solid experience reflecting the maturity in the engineering domain. Usually, our IAENG Senior Members are engineers at the managerial level, professors and lecturers, and research scientists. Besides the benefits of the regular members, IAENG Senior Members are invited to join the committees of IAENG Societies or the IAENG editorial board as board members or reviewers of the IAENG journals.

IAENG Fellow Members

The grade of IAENG Fellow (Fellow, IAENG) is conferred on engineers and scientists of distinction and outstanding qualifications, and who has made extraordinary contributions in the engineering field. Our IAENG Societies and the IAENG editorial board make the invitation for the IAENG Fellow.


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IAENG Societies Membership

The IAENG Societies are a major component of IAENG. Through regularly scheduled conferences and workshops, the IAENG Societies serve as forums for networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving for the engineering communities in their corresponding disciplines.

IAENG Societies

IAENG Society of Artificial Intelligence

IAENG Society of Bioinformatics

IAENG Society of Chemical Engineering

IAENG Society of Computer Science

IAENG Society of Data Mining

IAENG Society of Electrical Engineering

IAENG Society of Imaging Engineering

IAENG Society of Industrial Engineering

IAENG Society of Information System Engineering

IAENG Society of Internet Computing and Web Services

IAENG Society of Mechanical Engineering

IAENG Society of Operations Research

IAENG Society of Scientific Computing

IAENG Society of Software Engineering

IAENG Society of Wireless Networks

IAENG Society for HIV/AIDS


Interested IAENG members can join the above IAENG societies free of charge by filling the online application:

IAENG Society Membership Online Application Form


And non-IAENG members can firstly join IAENG free of charge at www.iaeng.org/membership.html



You can help the development of IAENG by joining our different societies, proposing new societies, acting in our journal's editorial boards, organizing conferences and involving in our executive committee.






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